Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

Much has been said about the soporific qualities of turkey, on account of the serotonin-increasing quality of tryptophans (though it should be noted that soy beans, pork chops and caribou all have more tryptophans per 100 grams than does turkey), but not nearly enough has been said extolling the pleasures of trivia games with questions compiled in 1927.
Who is the Pope?
What father and son were both Presidents?
(NB: the answers have changed.)
Who is a French female painter of animals?
Rosa Bonheur. I am embarrassed to say I did not answer this correctly. I should have. Bonheur was well known as an animalière, which is an actual word to describe an artist specializing in animals. Because she lived with a woman friend, wore pants and smoked cigarettes, she is often labeled a lesbian.

Who said that he would rather be in Hell with his ancestors than in Heaven with with his enemies? That would be Radbod, the last pagan king of the Frisians and great-grandfather of Saint Radbod who died in 918.

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Rebecca Rice said...

I am utterly shocked that you could not identify Rosa Bonheur!