Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quarry trail visited

Yes that is CSB almost bumping his head against the keystone of the Bum's Bridge, otherwise known as the bridge from the Old Marble Quarry under the Old Croton Aqueduct on the way to the river.
What to make of graffiti? "That butter"? What butter? My first thoughts ran to one-who-buts, as in a ram, or one-who-says-but, as in someone who can always see the other side of the question, the opposing viewpoint or is just contrary. Then I noticed the pat of butter pictured above.
Well, it wasn't margarine. (Which is lucky because then I might feel compelled to share all I have learned of late on the subject of hydrogenation- the process by which vast vats of grease are turned into spreadable margarine.)

This may look like your average pile of empty green bottles under a stone bridge. (And humble apologies for the quality of the photograph.) But look again. Not only are they all empty but they appear to have always been empty, or never filled. Likewise they have no labels and appear to have never had labels. Most significantly, they are not broken. So what is a pile of empty green bottles doing under the stone bridge on the Quarry Trail?
A proximate distillery has been opined.
While it is not especially germane, I would like to point out that in the just recently closed Calder show at the Whitney, there is a piece entitled ??? in which a ball attached to a long string is periodically hit with a paddle by a museum employee so that another ball attached to a longer string swings around and hits various objects arranged in a circle and then clangs against various objects and makes a ding or a ping or a plonk, and one of those objects is a green bottle EXACTLY like the bottles piled so ignominiously under the quarry bridge, awaiting an explanation.
Another interesting point about the Calder show (and it seems egregious to be mentioning its merits after it has closed, but there it is) was that in the wonderful sculpture "Romulus and Remus" Calder uses the same wooden finials to represent the wolves tits as the little penises of the twins. B and I discussed this at length.


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