Monday, January 11, 2010

You may have received this email, in which case ignore, or not. But if you did not, read on:

Your name personally inscribed here
Dear (Friends and Family),

In the interests of not letting all my New Year’s resolution slide quietly into the waste bin before February, I am actually trying to DO SOMETHING to increase readership for Sort Quench & Dump*, because I know from there it will be but a short leap to vast international readership.
N’est-ce pas?
Since I have not figured out a more cyber-anonymous way of accomplishing this, and if you would like to receive a short email notification of each new blog post, please just reply “Yes” to this email. (or just send an email to me at with “Yes” in the subject line.) If you do this I will put you on a list and promise not to bother you with anything else, nor will I sell this valuable list to email marketers of fabulous hallucinogenic drugs or sexual enhancement devices or Nigerian widows whose husbands have left them millions of dollars in UK bank accounts.
Otherwise, just ignore this.
Thanks, your humble blogger, Christine

*My sometimes amusing** blog about subjects apicultural, hagiographic and random. Mostly random.

**Depends who you ask.

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