Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Sicilian tourist attraction, another Incorruptible

Blessed Bernard Scammacca, presumably while still alive

I should have alerted you to Blessed Bernard Scammacca a couple of days ago when it was his feast day, but since most of the exciting things about Blessed B happened after he’d been dead for a while, I don’t feel especially remiss. He was one of those saints who led a riotous & wild & sinful youth, then got sick, & got religion. In due course he died, in 1486, and stayed that way for 15 years. Then, in 1501, (the dead) Bernard appeared to the prior of the abbey and demanded a more exalted burial place. Imagine the prior’s surprise. Naturally he complied and when Bernard was dug up it was discovered that his body was Incorrupt. More than that, while his body was being translated to a more upscale tomb, the church bells rang of their own accord.
Years after that, a local nobleman tried to steal Bernard’s remains but his henchmen could not lift the body, which had become miraculously heavy.
I haven’t been there myself but if you are in the town of San Domenico in Catania, Sicily – you can see Bd. Bernard’s still incorrupt body in the church of S. Biagio. Though it is said he is getting somewhat dry.

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