Sunday, September 19, 2010


I did not eat my boots, but I did eat muktuk (seal or whale blubber), and you will not be surprised to learn that there is a local Inuit rhyme to be chanted by all initiates into the delicacy of muktuk, making use of every possible rhyme with the final syllable of MUKTUK.
Because there is more than I can say in one breath about the Arctic and because I could not blog from the Arctic, I plan to spend the next few days blogging AS IF from the Arctic. Even though I am sitting here in the temperate zone comfort of home, back with beloved CSB, dogs who would strenuously object to pulling a dog sled across the frozen ice, lazy chickens and recalcitrant bees, the conceit is that I am aboard the Lyubov Orlova, a Soviet era Russian icebreaker named for a Russian film star. She was best known – and beloved – for her roles in such Stalinist classics as Volga Volga; Engineer Kochin’s Error, and The Circus, in which an American circus performer (Lyubov Orlova) gives birth to a black baby and is shunned by the racist Americans, so she decamps to the USSR where she and her black son are embraced by the Soviets. The movie climaxes with a rousing lullaby medley sung by all the happy ethnic groups of the Soviet Union.

Parenthetically, here at home, the chickens have started laying. This is very exciting. However there is some concern there they are not very bright chickens since they (or maybe just one she) are laying on the straw covered floor of the coop, rather than in their roomy and stylish roosting boxes built by CSB himself. So far, she is not falling for the golf ball ruse.

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