Thursday, February 24, 2011

This may be from the last 'Memorabilia'box, now safely at the bottom of the green metal recycling bin at the DPW. But no promises.

On Side A, a ditto'd information sheet from Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island - dated 6/77 - regarding pregnancy results. It enumerates option #1, if you wish to continue your pregnancy, and option #2, if you wish to terminate your pregnancy. An abortion cost $170 and that included a post-abortion check-up.
On Side B, in my handwriting:
Bald Baby
The Motel next Door
The drapes were too short for the window in the apartment where they had lived for 10 years. Through the unclaimed space between the windowsill and the drapes they watched the activity in the sidewalk. Each night, after his wife had taken her last sleeping pill, he watched alone and hoped to see a mugging or a rape, some visible manifestation of the violence of our times, which he so deplored. He would call the police, of course, and blow his emergency whistle.

In 8/1877 my pregnancy with Reine was confirmed. Option #1.

Other items included a college essay about Quentin Compson and suicide, a handmade puzzle by my (then) ten-year old sister (who, lamentably, did not pursue a career in cryptography) and every ticket stub from every historical and archeological site in Greece and Turkey our family visited in 1975.

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