Friday, August 24, 2012

Another slippery slope to worry about

It turns out that the Vatican and I have more in common than our preference for funny hats and white robes with a simple – but elegant – gold trim.

Yes, we both worry about Global Warming.
Just last month the Vatican was so worried about GW that it allowed a priest in the tiny village of Fiesch, at the foot of the receding Aletsch Glacier, to alter a centuries old prayer. The old prayer asked for divine intervention to push back & shrink the glacier. The newly-authorized prayer asks the Almighty to do just the opposite: keep that glacier from getting any smaller.

But this is not the innocent volte-face it may seem. In fact this is a slippery slope if ever there was one, a Vaseline coated declivity straight to hell. A nosedive into that morass the pundits call ‘science’.

What is next?
Will the virginity of the BVM be questioned and then re-addressed, in light of her having actually given birth?
Will the Cardinals all have a conclave and decide to marry their childhood sweethearts?
Scariest of all, will it turn out the Shroud of Turin is not the genuine imprint of Christ’s pained face but your uncle’s precious rag for buffing his 1949 Chevy?

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