Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day circa then, now

Ah, the pure delight of small naked children running on green grass under the sprinkler. Their squealing. Their delights and ours. While carpenter bees hover under the eaves of shed and contemplate their next desecration. While chickens peck at watermelon rinds. While honeybees gather nectar from clover and apple blossoms and pink chestnuts. While CSB cleans propolis and wax build up from the honeybee supers. While young mothers discuss the hilarities of potty training and the writing of Junot Diaz. While the grandmother pretends to read the Sunday Times Styles section. While the dog slumbers in the shade of the hammock, of the tree, of any shade he can find. While time holds its breath, stays still and then hurtles along.
Please note "photoshopped for propriety" photo.

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