Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Moving Day in Bright Orange

How many people does it take to unload a Jeff Koons in a bright orange crate at the Whitney loading dock?

1 guy/driver from Marshall Arts (Martial arts. Get it? Well, it took me a while.)
1 forklift driver
3 guys with tape measures
1 guy with a walkie-talkie
1 guy with a horseshoe tattooed on his elbow, moving the bright green cones around
1 strong guy with a spider web tattooed on his elbow
1 woman with bright pink shoelaces in her sneakers
1 guy with purple sneakers
1 guy with a purple baseball cap (different guy)
1 guy with a Tweety Bird tee shirt
Lots of guys with bright green nylon ratcheted tie-downs
Several guys in black tee shirts

Not needed was the beekeeper on the roof

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