Monday, January 11, 2016

Exactly how would you explain compost?

Conversation in the kitchen, while preparing a meal.

Mom: What are those beige things over there?
Me: Butternut squash.
Mom: That must be something new. I’ve never heard of them.
Me: They’ve been around for a while.
Mom: I don’t think so. What are you doing?
Me: Cutting up the rotted parts to put in the compost.
Mom: What is compost?
CSB: Compost is vegetable waste that rots and turns into nutrient rich fertilizer for the garden.
Mom: I’ve never heard of doing that.
CSB: Just like us when we’re gone, we’ll rot in the ground.
Mom: That doesn’t sound very nice.
Me: Well then you can be cremated if you prefer. Then we can put the ashes in the ground. Next to Dad's.
CSB: I told Christine she should just put me out with the garbage early Monday morning.
Mom: Why would she do that?
CSB: If I die over the weekend.
Me: He thinks it is funny to say that. Don't worry, I won't put him out with the trash on Mondays.
Mom: You both are very strange.

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Rebecca Rice said...

This sounds like the script of an Ionesco play! Love it!