Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bruited Titles, rejected.

The first names
I suggested for the blog were deemed as Boring by Reine, then as Taken by the blog server: WISH YOU WERE HERE, then KNOCK ON WOOD. I don’t think they were that boring. Reine lobbied hard for GEEKWAD MAGOO, which admittedly is appealing but I think she should save that for her own blog. Then I had one of those middle of the night epiphanies and came up with URSULA’S RELICS OF DISCARDED HOBBIES. For almost 12 hours I was delighted with this. Then Reine said it was too long. What she actually said was: “what part of short and concise is that?” Also considered were THE DISNOMIA CHRONICLES and CAFFEINE IS YOUR FRIEND. My friend Merrill suggested PUTTING THE FUN BACK IN DYSFUNCTIONAL. But I am sticking with SORT, QUENCH & DUMP.

Today (neither the date of her birth nor her death, since neither date is known) is the feast of JULIAN of NORWICH, about whom it is worth noting that her Revelations of Divine of Love is Still in Print. It describes her sixteen visions – she referred to them as “shewings” – of Christ’s suffering. She was hardly the only medieval religious to experience revelatory ecstasies or write about them, but her prose is more direct and emotionally available, which may explain why she is Still in Print.

It’s also the feast of JOHN the SILENT who for nine years lived in a hut built upon a rock, protected by a lion.

Saint SERVAIS or SERVATUS is the patron saint of rat-catchers. (Nothing in his story explains why.)

While in prison, after having been hung by her hair and beaten, Saint GLYCERIA was fed by angels. Butler tells us that the Greek “acts” relating her life are “unfortunately quite unreliable”. (This is true in more cases than I can count: the unreliability of the sources, not being fed by angels. Or maybe not.)

Saint PETER REGALATUS had the gift of bi-location. And he was not alone.

To read HAGIOGRAPHY is a new understanding of fiction.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Geekwad Magoo. I wish I had thought of that for my own blog. Welcoming to blogging - I look forward to your future posts! -Laura