Monday, October 13, 2008

The Generations

The post below regarding the dangers of black walnuts is the last you will hear from me (well for a week) that is not related to the very old or the very young, because this week, while my mother and daughter frolic in Cyprus, I am looking after my father and my granddaughter. Philip and Leda. The former has forgotten much of the past 50 years, which means that every day he is surprised anew by the world we live in. The latter forgets nothing. Ever. The former cannot hear what I say, or not very well. The latter doesn’t always listen, especially when she is engaged in conversation with Ernie, who is made of yellow play dough.
There is barely a free moment to mention Blessed Alexandrina of Portugal who was 14 when she defenestrated in order to flee a rapist, and spent the rest of her life bedridden. For her last 13 years she survived solely on Communion (she had the “gift of inedia”), which may account for many of her visions.

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