Friday, October 3, 2008

Mexico: Truck Found, Minus Condoms

The police have recovered a missing truck used by safe-sex advocates to distribute condoms throughout the country, but the thieves who took the “condom mobile” last weekend made off with 5,000 prophylactics. Also missing was a motor used to inflate a 23-foot-long condom that was part of a government-financed H.I.V.-AIDS awareness campaign. The vehicle — which features images of a peeled banana on the side and a shirtless man asking, “I protect myself, do you?” — was found Wednesday. Officials said 800 rapid H.I.V. tests and the inflatable condom were intact, but the small truck had been stripped of its sound system. By Marc Lacey

Given the all around bad news these days, it is cheering to note that the New York Times saw fit to report on condom theft. Thank goodness the 23 foot long inflatable condom was not stolen, but now how will they manage to inflate it?

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