Thursday, April 30, 2009

Los Angeles Militantes

Seen at the New Baltimore Service area off the NY Thruway en route with 3000,000 bees in the back of the pickup, on a bizarrely hot day in April. Click to enlarge.
In case you are wondering what the 16-wheeler I would drive would look like, assuming there could ever be such a thing, which there most definitely could not, this is what it will look like.
What’s not to like about a sword-wielding angel?
A few years ago in Bolivia I became enamored of the Cuzqueña school of painting, which flourished in Peru and Bolivia in the 17th and 18th centuries. My favorites featured militant angels, with drawn swords, arquebuses, flames, and fish (San Raphael). We bought some student copies home with us, and now I understand why.
CSB, on the other hand, thinks nothing would be more entertaining that driving across the country in a rig, the kind that ordinary people need step ladders to climb into. He gets all glassy-eyed at the very mention of truck stop food.

Arcangel Arcabusero


Rebecca Rice said...

Your genius for picking out saintly imagery in the most humble and curious of settings is truly amazing!

But a question for those who did not grow up Catholic? What is an arquebus?

LSS riverrun said...

In keeping with your interests hagiographic, I'm sending along a link to an article about the Virgin Mary's image on a pancake griddle: