Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mattress Walkers

You probably cannot read the text in this news clipping from March 8, 1937, so I will retype it for you.
100 Mattress Walkers
Washington, March 8 (AP)- The Census Bureau’s manual of occupations lists about 25,000 ways of earning a living, but it overlooks mattress walkers.
Dr. Vergil Reed, acting director of the bureau, vouched today, however, for this exclusive group.
He said there are at least 100 professional mattress walkers in the country, earning their way walking the kinks out of mattresses. They stamp extra hard on hard spots, he said, and put the new mattress into a flat, even state.

I can print this here, but I cannot answer the many questions I am sure you now have, such as: Where do mattress walkers do their job? Who hires them: mattress stores or private mattress owners? Do they get paid by the hour, or by the mattress? Are they required to wear special shoes? What is the average weight of a mattress walker? If you have a lumpy mattress, where do you go to find a qualified mattress walker?


Mickey and Flea said...

Food for a story, don't ya think?

hams john said...

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