Thursday, March 8, 2012

What do an indicted brothel-keeper and CSB have in common?
A fondness for pigs.

"Charged as Madam, and Defended as Entrepreneur and Pig Rescuer
Published: March 6, 2012
According to Manhattan prosecutors, Anna Gristina is a well-connected madam who made millions of dollars running a brothel on the Upper East Side that catered to wealthy clients, where passers-by say fancy cars were seen idling past midnight. And when she was arrested last month, they said, she was with a Morgan Stanley banker whom she had just met about expanding her business. [...]
And to Susan Magidson, who worked with Ms. Gristina rescuing pet pigs from unsuitable homes, she is a demure, plain-living mother of four with a special empathy for the animals they helped match with adoptive families.

“We identify the pigs who need homes and we try to match-make,” Ms. Magidson said in a telephone interview from Bucks County, Pa., where the two women work with Ross Mill Farm and Piggy Camp. [...]
Camilo Ruan, 36, a salesman, said he lived a block away and walked by late at night to go to the gym. He often saw nicely dressed women going into the building, which he said was nothing unusual for the neighborhood. But what did seem “extremely strange,” he said, were the fancy cars frequently waiting in the street at 11 p.m. or midnight.

Ms. Magidson, who has placed six pigs with Ms. Gristina for foster care over the years, said Ms. Gristina was not “flashy or rich.”

Pigs are one of Anna’s passions,” she said. “When people love pigs, in my opinion, they are special and unique — and in my opinion, the chosen ones — because they’re just such a special animal, highly intelligent, emotional animal, so it’s like working with orphans.”"
(from the NY Times,3/7/12)

It's hard to know where to start with the tasteless joke, the lewd allusions, the ribald juxtapositions...the modern dilemma of too many choices. So for once I will refrain.

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