Monday, May 14, 2018

Choose a Title

During recent meetings about Leigh Fibers, textile waste processing company in Spartanburg, SC, I learned quite a lot about the challenges of the recycling industry. Nothing is easy when you are dealing with junk.

You do realize that the cheaper virgin materials are, the less like likely industries are to recycle or buy recycled products? For example, when oil is cheap, the interest in recycling used polypropylene drops through the trapdoor.

That is just one of the many depressing facts I learned in our 17th floor conference room.

But, honoring the delightful signage on the factory floor that a decade ago gave me Sort Quench, and Dump, I gathered a few other random phrases from the arcane world of recycling and manufacturing, always looking for interesting titles. Titles for what? That remains to be seen.
These are what I came with. I welcome your comments, and favorites.








Mickey and Flea said...

Transverse Fissures!

Here's our collection: Tales from the Hood

Rebecca Rice said...

I, too, love "Transverse Fissures." It sounds positively philosophical, a phrase worthy of Ludwig Wittgenstein himself!

LSS riverrun said...

"A non-trivial problem" and "scrap connections" tie in my book for SECOND place. The contrarian in me wants pretend that one them is my FIRST choice, but unfortunately I can't pretend. "Transverse Fissures" is just too good.

Co-Founder of Le Petit Divorce Cloob said...

I am commenting in a box below an SDQ post from 5/23/18, the only opportunity I could find to allow my comment. I have never succeeded in actually publishing any of my comments but I will copy and paste it to an email which probably will only serve to frustrate you that you have a friend who is such a nincompoop.
1. You determined that short blogs as these today 1/31/19 would be preferable to your readers than your usual. I love that the size of your blogs posts are often apocalyptic, what with the photographs, diagrams, other art and quotes that further magnify your take on what is making the world tick. Richard Burton once used the word apocalyptic in describing his wife's breasts. Isn't that adorable?
2. I was crazy about the two sentences. May I recommend you read the chapter titles of the books written by the guy who wrote Corelli's Mandolin whose name I will never remember as it includes "de". From Birds Without Wings (67 chapters in all): : “Ibrahim Gives Philotheix a Goldfinch”; “The Telltale Shoes”; “The Humiliation of Levon the Armenian.” “A Cure for Toothache.” Okay, I'll google his names: Louis de Bernières.
3. Trifectas do not figure in gambling on who wins the toss at the Super Bowl. Of the ten million varieties of Super Bowl bets, this is one you cannot help but win, expecially if you place two bets--ones on heads and one on tails. No profit but you get to brag that you had the winner. If we were to watch the Super Bowl together, we would laugh and laugh, I know. I will think of you Sunday, very dear Christine.