Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adult Ed, or Life Long Learning

Things I learned at Sunday night’s dinner party, while the hailstones were hailing and the thunder was thundering and the lightning was serrating the sky:
• How to cook Beer Can Chicken, and why. This really exists.
• A foolproof mousetrap that involves a bucket filled with water, a beer can (not the same one used for Beer Can Chicken) smeared with peanut butter and threaded through a stiff dowel atop the bucket full of water, and a ramp leading to the rim of the bucket for of water for the mouse to walk up. This is a Canadian mousetrap.
• The names of more movies than I will watch in a decade, and I wrote them all on the back of my place card and have already filed it away so carefully.
• How to make candied orange peel and I really do plan to attempt this because it is mysteriously sour and sweet and bitter and chewy.
• Philip Glass is a masterful businessman.
• There are ambulances for pets, at least in NYC. I should have known that.
• The importance of wearing proper vintage underwear with vintage clothing.

1 comment:

Rebecca Rice said...

Ah, so you can teach an old dog new tricks! Good to know for us folks who hate learning new things, such as how to set up a voice mail box for a cell phone!

I love, too, the humor about all the various uses of the Beer Can!

Thanks for making me smile on a gray April Fool's day!