Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have no idea

It’s been a rough week so I can only express gratitude when my sister heightens my current state of paranoia with news items about owls attacking cross-country skiers and chimpanzees that actually PLAN to attack humans, by piling up stones for throwing later. It is a dangerous & treacherous world out there.

Saint Anastasia Patricia would agree. After all, in order to survive she had to spend her life in drag, living in a monk’s cell. For 28 years she never saw another human and was known as “Anastasias the Eunuch”. She was among that very special class of saint, or human, or anything, judged by the church to be a “permissible transsexual”.
She probably never existed and is just another version of the cross-dressing Marina or Pelagia or Apollinaris.
I am going spend today looking at everyone I see and wondering if in fact he or she is cross-dressing. And so what?


Myric L said...

Dear Christine,

I am not cross dressing today.



pond said...

You are most welcome for those animal-related tidbits. But here is one creature you don't need to worry about in your travels: apparently vultures in India are succumbing to maleria, spread to them through mosquitoes.