Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have written in these pages before about the strange and wonderful and evocative treasures to be found in the subterranean recesses of the hyper-organized parental home. Often these artifacts will reveal better-forgotten, better-left-in-the-mists-of-time aspects of one's misspent youth. Often they are just weird.
This photo, for instance, provides tangible evidence of the summer when our collective family's brain was taken over by aliens from the Planet Lederhosen. Then why, you may well ask, is my younger self wearing a kimono? I don't know. I actually loved my lederhosen. I thought I was quite fetching in my lederhosen. I couldn't imagine a time in life when I wouldn't want to wear lederhosen. According to my mother, she passionately hated the dirndl she is wearing. More evidence of the alien usurpation.

Other recently unearthed treasures include countless Little Blue Books from the 1920s. I will be studying the absurdities of Christian Science while psycho-analyzing myself. I anticipate that my newly acquired knowledge of palmistry will make me exceptionally popular.

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Rebecca Rice said...

I love this photo. Your parents look v. happy, as if they are ready to make three more little
Lehners! And you are absolutely adorable in your kimono.

I can't wait to read the blue blook on the absurdities of Christian Science, or CS as my mother used to lovingly refer to it!