Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stiff Little Fingers and what they mean

I have stiff little fingers. Since fingers and toes are both digits, I briefly entertained the thought of gout. But decided against it for reasons of gender and red wine consumption. Yet because I think every ache, pain and ailment however imaginary is of great interest as well as having an explanation, I Googled Stiff Little Fingers.
I learned that there is a Northern Irish punk rock group called Stiff Little Fingers.
Page after page of Googled material,and it's all about this punk band and nothing about my stiff pinkies.
So I Googled stiff fingers and learned that there is a Finnish study that links stiff fingers to death by heart disease. Even one stiff finger and you are more likely to die of heart disease. But more likely than what? This is something new to worry about. There is no mention of the effect of frequent saunas on stiff fingers, or on heart disease. If I were Finnish I would take saunas often, because that is what Finnish people do.
Even though I am not Finnish I would take saunas often if I had a sauna. Perhaps we could install a sauna in the now cleaned-up potting shed.

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