Monday, June 22, 2009

Yet another use for duct tape

Many of you have asked, wistfully, why you have not read much hagiography of late. So here I comply.
There are not one, not two but three Edburga’s in the calendar of saints. They were all Anglo-Saxon princesses, and not on account of their tendency to shop at Filene’s Basement and pronounce Cuba with an R at the end. (Or Edburger.)

My favorite (960 AD) of the three set on her path to sainthood early in life. At the ripe age of three she was given the choice between a book of the Gospels and a pile of jewels. Her clammy little hands grasped the holy book and her fate was sealed. Her parents sent her away to an abbey where she just got holier and holier. Ever humble, she would sneak out at night and clean the other nuns’ sandals, and put them back before anyone awoke.

An earlier Edburga, Abbess of Minster ( 751 AD) was renowned all over Thuringia and Kent for her excellent calligraphy. Her friend Saint Lull once sent her a silver stylus for writing on beeswax, and so I like to think she kept bees when she was not copying out the scriptures.
Are they the patrons of shoes-shines and penmanship (the Palmer method)?

I lied. No one has asked.

Now to work on my costume for the Beekeepers Ball. I just informed CSB that there are no wings or funny antennae headsets to be bought anywhere around, and he was extremely relieved.
But all is not lost: there are always black duct tape and pipe cleaners.

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