Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guest post from the mountains

This just in from our culinary correspondent in Colorado:
We went to this barbecue place for dinner (good coleslaw and onion rings, thank goodness for me). Anyway, their claim to fame is the best baby back ribs in CO, because they come from Denmark. Why, we ask our youthful foreign-born waitress? Because the cows are fed tulips. And they are made to all sleep on one side, so one side is much plumper and juicer. And how, I wonder, do they control the sleeping arrangements. With rods as flippers if they catch a defiant sleeper?

Wonder what kind of tulips they eat. The ribs frankly were mediocre. I can't help wondering why they aren't using all the happy cows in the Aspen valley!

Sent to us by Lis, normally of Santa Cruz, this week at Anderson Ranch
(I'm imagining Ferdinand the Bull, lolling in a field of surrounded by cork trees, nibbling the pink petals of a Queen Isabella tulip as he drifts off into the land of nod.)


Rebecca said...

Glad to know that Lis is living large in Colorado. And I love the Ferdinand connection. Who cannot forget that delightful children's story?

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