Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What is therapeutic?

The physical therapists are lovely.

One is a football (“not your football”) player from outside Dublin who tells me that the recumbent bicycle is Grand and the electrical stimulation is Grand.

The other one is a runner and diver (Am I intimated by athletic females? Yep. Always have been, always will be.) with a tongue stud.

ME: Do you mind me asking if you have a tongue stud?

PT: (Sticks out her tongue). I do.

ME: Do you mind if I say something in the maternal vein? Since my daughter had a tongue stud too?

PT: Not at all. My mother hates it.

ME: My daughter ended up having lots of dental problems. She basically killed these two teeth here (I demonstrate the two lower front teeth).

PT: My roommate did that too. (Smiling). But I don’t knock it about. Some people play with theirs and slide the ball up and down between the teeth (She does not demonstrate.) but mostly I forget it’s there.

ME: The dental work was very expensive, and painful.

PT: (Still smiling. She does have very nice teeth.)

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