Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lightning strikes and a new queen

Last night we stood sweltering on the ninth floor astro turfed rooftop of a friend's new office building near the Yonkers waterfront, with views north south and west. We watched the clouds gather and then watched the light turn pink and golden, at which point we went inside to watch as the lightning sundered and slashed the darkening sky. Lovely lightning.
So here is a question: will the metal in my knee attract lightning? Is titanium any different from any other metal in its electrical conducting properties?
Is there any knowledge on this very important subject, especially important to those of us who are attracted to thunderstorms? (Are they now attracted to my knee?) Those of you meteorologically, or metallurgically, or medically knowledgeable, please advise.

CSB took advantage of this hot and sultry day to inspect several of the hives.
One of the three by the blueberry patch (I used to name the individual queens: Camilla, Beatrice, Lena Mary, Dana, Virginia - mostly for dead relatives and old girlfriends of CSB. But definitely not his ex-wife. But as the apiary has grown, that system has gotten too cumbersome – even CSB has a finite number of old girlfriends – and so I just refer to them by their region in the garden, their proximity to blueberries or grapes or the field.) had a small collection of supercedure cells. One supercedure cell was open from the bottom, and presumably somewhere in the hive a new queen is walking around. Is she mated yet? How many drones died to give her their dynastic seed?
The other cells showed signs of being opened from the side, which means that the first queen to emerge killed those wannabe queens.
Below: Bees clustering around Slovakian bee hive sign from WW.

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