Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Serial (The Quickies), Part 5

5. Dr. Tom practiced his art in a fourth floor office on Tenth Avenue. He looked after lots of dancers because they were always pulling muscles and tying themselves up in knots. But Rubén did not see Tom for his spine-adjusting skills. They both harbored a love for tropical flora so fevered that it felt illicit at times. Tom because he had never seen such plants in their natural habitat, and Rubén because they were the plants he had known growing up. Together they rode the subway up to the Bronx and visited the Botanical Gardens. They never left without seeing the orchids. Once Rubén said to Tom, “Whoever this Enid Haupt is or was, I think I could love her very much.” Tom told him that Enid wasn’t his, Rubén’s, type. Rubén was touched by Tom’s response, because he assumed it indicated a certain growing affection. It never crossed his mind that Tom had personal knowledge of the late benefactress of the eponymous conservatory.

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