Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My dear friend Paco advises that I keep the hagiographic tales to a minimum, out of compassion for my readers, and since I value Paco’s opinion highly and often (though not always) follow his suggestions, I will forgo mentioning Saint Helier, the patron saint of Jersey, who – even after 13 years on a starvation diet, had the strength to pick up his decapitated head and carry it to the shore, thus making him a cephalophore. (And I am so fond of cephalophores.) Nor will I mention Saint Praxides, a virtuous Roman maiden, whose only claim to our attention is as the subject of Vermeer’s first painting, which has been universally debunked and declared not a Vermeer at all.


Mickey and Flea said...

We don't agree with Paco's advice, particularly when your saints are throwing their body parts at the judges. Good move, oh hallowed ones.

mary said...

Dearest C - I finally have to admit that I do not know what many of the words you use actually mean! I know you are gloriously educated as well as have a possible genius level I.Q. but for me (and is there is anyone else who reads your blog and is just kind of average too?), please define,dumb down once and awhile or if you prefer-which you probably do!- ignore this comment! What does cephalore mean. I imagine it refers to angel, saints etc. - the study of which you are an expert on. I had to look up the haig-something word. Lovingly, Cos