Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marmota monax redux & redux

As for the woodchuck, he's still very happy, thank you very much, eating all the plenty of CSB's newest garden, especially the broccoli and cauliflower. And I was so looking forward so chou-fleur(being one of the most mellifluous words in any language).

Every morning CSB goes out to check on his Hav-a-Heart trap and every morning his frustration increases because Woody has set it off but escaped capture, again. Not that I am feeling especially heart-ful vis a vis the voracious Woody. Given that the Conservation Status ranking (Which goes from LC to VU/vulnerable to EX/Extinct. There is also DD/Data deficient.) of woodchucks is "Least Concern" I would very gladly see Woody take a long walk off a short pier. Given that woodchucks are supposed to be very fond of clover, and we have plenty of clover at his disposal and yet he still eats our precious vegetables, I would happily see Woody meet his maker.

I would like to feel more tenderly towards woodchucks and their wood chucking abilities, but I find I cannot.

Dogs and bees have patron saints. Woodchucks do not. That should tell us something.

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