Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crossword warp mystery

I am totally flummoxed. I sat down to do this morning's crossword puzzle (NY Times, Wednesday 7/23) and quickly noticed something odd: in the small print above the puzzle there was no creator name, just "puzzle by" and then nada. And below the puzzle there was no date, just "//07(no.0)."
That was odd but I thought that in doing the puzzle it would be solved.
So I started the puzzle (Flicker: DANCE), then a few more. I noticed that the ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE in the lower left corner was not yesterday's puzzle but today's - the VERY SAME puzzle I was solving.
That too was odd but again I thought all would be revealed when I solved the whole puzzle. I cut the solved grid out and put it aside because of course to have it right there, now that I knew what it was, would ruin the fun.
So I finished the puzzle. It's Wednesday so it was pretty easy. ARTless, therefore Satanic one = He of Darkness.
I checked out a few crossword blogs and then I was completely confused, and still am. They referred to an entirely different puzzle.
Did I receive an altered paper this morning?
Is this a new form of puzzle gaslighting?

Please help. Needless to say this will drive me crazy all day and if I already waste time doing crossword puzzles, imagine how much time can disappear into the maw of ridiculous-alien-mind-warp-anxiety.


Mickey and Flea said...

Very odd! Have you check with your neighbor, Ned, of late?

mary said...

Please,Please enlighten us as to the meaning of puzzle gaslighting! Cos