Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It is Common Knowledge that I am not ahead of the curve on much but today's papers lead me to believe that in one thing I am, or was. According to the Times jellyfish have arrived early, and annoyingly, to the shores of New York, and even the Journal News reports of jellyfish stinging local swimmers. I, however, was stung by a jellyfish LAST summer.
Having, in our carefree youth, spent many happy hours tossing slimy jellyfish at my assorted siblings and cousins on New England beaches and rocky shores, you would think I would know a jellyfish when it stung me.
But I did not. I felt a tingling in my left arm and a weird numbing sensation traveled up to my shoulders, and I quickly went into panic mode and told CSB I thought I was having a heart attack. Was I diaphoretic? No. Was I experiencing any other pain? No. Was there any reason to think I was having a heart attack? No.
Then it wasn’t a duck.
It was a jellyfish. Probably a Moon jellyfish, the clear kind, like Jell-O without the food coloring.

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