Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't know the first thing about the interpretation of dreams

Things you would rather not dream about:
Palestinian refugee camps
Your ex-husband horseback riding
Garbage strikes
Lost luggage

On the other hand, Eggs are apparently a good thing to dream about. For instance:

We paid for the eggs and then we paid someone to take the eggs. And we paid someone else who never even saw the eggs. We had to cross a border early in the morning, when it was still pitch black. Everything had to be paid in cash, in US dollars. The farmer was adamant about US dollars.

There is nothing about the egg business in 10,000 Dream Interpretations.
There are seven egg dream possibilities and not one of them is the egg business.
If you dream of finding a nest of eggs, that means wealth, or happiness to married people.
Eating eats signifies disturbance on the home front.
Freshly broken eggs indicate that fortune is about to shower upon you.
It is not worthwhile to say what rotten eggs signify.
A crate of eggs signifies that you will engage in profitable speculations – maybe this is the egg business after all.
To dream of being spattered with eggs means that you will sport riches of dubious origin.
Bird’s eggs signify legacies from distant relations.

According to the Dream Encyclopedia, eggs are the universal symbol of wholeness, fertility, new birth or rebirth.
This is good.

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