Monday, August 25, 2008

More alternate reality

We were busy harvesting gazillions of tomatoes, plus it was the feast of Rose of Lima, the first American born saint who was so determined to be chaste that she ruined her complexion with pepper and lye, so I had much to think about and thus I had almost forgotten (almost but not entirely) about the bruited visit of Valerie the ex-girlfriend.
And she didn’t come alone. Her adult daughter, tall and skinny with a pre-Raphaelite head of hair, was with her. She’s just back from two years in the Congo( Formerly Zaire, and Congo before that, and the Belgian Congo before that, and before that I don’t know what but I am sure they were a lot happier before King Leopold came on the scene. The great Belgian embarrassment.) where she lived in a leper colony. Yes, I did realize there are still lepers in this world, but somehow I had not translated that into realizing that there still existed leper colonies. (I of course think of Father Damien in Hawaii. Who doesn’t?)

And since I don’t have a jealous bone in my body (or I won’t once I get all my limbs replaced) I didn’t mind one bit when Valerie, the scion of potheads, stood on her tiptoes and gave CSB an impressively noisy kiss on the lips.

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