Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cold Comfort

I’m a couple of days late with the feast of Saints Enda and Fanchea, but chances are you wouldn’t know that unless I told you. Which I just did.
Enda and Fanchea were Irish siblings in the 6th century. Fanchea was your typical Irish virgin consecrated to God; Enda was a typical bloodthirsty warrior. Fanchea got her brother to agree to settle down to lead a peaceful life, on the condition that she would give him one of her maidens in marriage.
But the maiden chosen for this happy life died at that exact moment, so that when Fanchea brought Enda to see his bride, he was faced with a pale, cold corpse.
Are you surprised to learn that after this shock to his dreams of marital bliss, he promptly joined a monastery?

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