Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moose causes 9-car pileup on I-684 and dies

While I was cooking beets last night, a “wayward” moose stumbled onto the northbound side of I-684 and was struck by a car going about 60 mph.
The first car (from the foreign state of Connecticut) hit the moose, sent it flying up and over the roof of car, and onto the road where it was hit by more cars. For a total of nine.

(Should I point out that I can spend weeks in the moose country of northern Maine and not see a moose – this past July being a felicitous exception – and yet a highway full of people see a moose, or don’t see it until they have hit it, in northern Westchester which is most definitely not moose country?)

Presently, the head of the moose is unceremoniously wrapped in garbage bags and sitting on ice inside a 50 gallon drum at the Fire House of Goldens Bridge. The fire chief would like to see it elsewhere. He said, “I’m not a funeral home.” Which is probably fairly obvious.
The body was buried beside the highway. Near exit 6A, if you want to pay your respects.

Here is what we don’t know about the dead moose: what sex was it? I am assuming female because: 1. Antlers were not mentioned, and had a big rack been part of the picture, one assumes it would be mentioned; and 2. It is breeding season and during breeding season, moose will stray out of their usual spots.

Here is what we do know: Poor unmourned moose. Traffic was at a standstill from 7:45 (time of impact) until 10:30, and I suspect that after a traffic jam of that length there was little sympathy for the moose.

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Mickey and Flea said...

Did they alert Sara Palin? Or maybe the moose was trying to get as far away as possible from the animal hunt by plane.