Monday, September 8, 2008

Old truck, cheap

I had just returned from my walk (2.86 miles by the pedometer) with Bruno and one very muddy dog (which was entirely predictable given the recent hurricane and Daisy’s compulsion to wallow in mud puddles) when the flatbed truck arrived with Wally, CSB's 1949 Chevy.
When CSB bought the truck from the father of his girlfriend, Lisa Chavez (She was Pueblo Indian, and so was her father.) in 1975 it was already old. And it was also red. CSB hand painted it the dark green you can sort of see in the pictures. Note the rather impressive front grill. According to Chavez père, more coyotes and jackalopes than you can shake a cactus at met their maker on that grill.

In 1976 CSB drove Wally from New Mexico across the country to Bedford, and then back again to New Mexico. The next time it crossed the country, he towed it. For several years Wally lived in his parents’ field in Bedford, and six years later CSB had it towed to his barn in Mahopac where it sat undisturbed for over 20 years. And unseen in the past 10 years, since the divorce.

When I asked what exactly we were going to do with Wally, given that neither of us is automotively inclined and the wheels are frozen and the windows are broken and the engine hasn’t turned over in several lifetimes … CSB suggested that we will accumulate many Style Points. (Have I mentioned his highly evolved fashion sense?)

It has been suggested that I could sell Let it Bee Honey from the back of the truck. I did not take that seriously.

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